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Spring Wedding Flowers

Getting married this Spring and still trying to figure out which flowers to choose? Spring brings us so many pretty flowers like anemones, hellebore, hyacinth, lily of the valley, muscari, narcissus, ranunculus, tulips, viburnum and one of my personal faves, waxflower.

Anemones & Ranunculus - Melissa, read this blog post about availability and size of anemones and ranunculus:

Anenomes: This gorgeous flower with it’s jet-black centre will add drama to your bridal bouquets. The crisp white variety is probably the most popular with brides and is available in various shades of pink, purple, red, white and dark blue.


Hellebores, or Christmas Rose. It is so beautiful and I have always wanted to try growing this evergreen.:

Hellebore: Also known as the Christmas Rose, this pretty, papery flower sees us right through Spring and comes in soft shades of pink and purple, white, lime green and also a moody purple. The petals are often speckled or striped too which gives added interest.

Peonies are my favorite but i am loving these Ranunculus...simple arrangement, monochromatic, pretty for a brunch, baby shower, or wedding shower.:

Ranunculus:  A stunning flower with layers of soft, delicate petals. A popular wedding flower it’s available in white, various shades of pink, red, orange and yellow.

Love these.  Perfect for white, gray and purple wedding color pallette.:

Hyacinth: Worth it for their scent alone! Pink, purple, blue, white.


Muscari: Also known as Grape Hyachinth, great as ‘something blue’ in bouquets and butonholes. Available in blue and white.

I have pinned several bouquets that would be gorgeous alongside these dapper boutonnieres from The Blue Carrot - Wild By Nature:

Narcissus: Does any flower say Spring more than the adorable daffodil? We automatically think of yellow but these ‘paperwhites’ are a sweet alternative.


Tulips: This versatile flower is available in all the colours of the rainbow (except blue!) and it doesn’t stop there, there are single blooms, double blooms, bicolour, parrot tulips, fringed and French tulips!

classic green and white bouquet with ranunculus and snowball viburnum... Amazing!!!:

Viburnum: These lime green ‘snowballs’ will add vibrancy and form to almost any bouquet, works beautifully in a white/green colour palette like this one and is also fab with pink!

Love delicate white waxflower and it has a great lemony fragrance:

Waxflower: Ohhh so pretty! Great in bouquets, buttonholes and centrepieces – a lovely alternative to ‘baby’s breath’. Available in white, cream, pink, purple.

(Photo Credits: Pinterest)